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"Denise has devoted herself to her passion project, Crows Nest Kindergarten, the first long-day care centre in NSW, where she supports not only children but parents experiencing hardship." "Owner and Founder of Crows Nest Kindergarten, Denise Azoulay, was a finalist for the Pride of Australia Award, 2014. "After migrating to Australia in 1962, Denise worked for ten years to save enough money to start Crows Nest Kindergarten, the first long daycare centre in NSW, supporting children with parents experiencing hardship"
The Daily Telegraph.

Crows Nest Kindergarten was established by Denise and Michel Azoulay. Denise and Michel migrated to Australia in 1962 with their two children, Gilda aged 4 and Harry aged 2. Denise was a teacher and Michel an accountant. Settling into Australia at that time and finding childcare was not an easy task. Eighteen months of determination, perseverance and hard work resulted in opening the first long day care centre in NSW.




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