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Crows Nest Kindergarten is a family-owned and operated centre, which has been part of the Crow Nest community for over 40 years.

We have been providing quality care and education since 1972.

We offer both short days (9 am-3 pm) and long days (8 am- 5:30 pm) Monday to Friday.
We offer places in our Early Learning Centre for children aged 2 to school leaving age 5. 

All meals, snacks, wipes, sunscreen, bed linen and hats are provided by the centre.

We provide additional activities including dance, sports classes, music, language (Japanese) and STEM education. 

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SChool readiness 


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language & Numeracy

Sustainability is intertwined into all aspects of our centre's environment. Children are encouraged and learn to appreciate the ever-changing world around them. The children take part in nature walks and learn about the life cycle of plants through practical experience in growing herbs & vegetables within our centres garden.

Community is immensely embedded in our curriculum. We have annual visits from the fire and police department to educate the children on safety. Our children take part in excursions such as our annual trip to Sydney Japanese International School and visits to the local Woolworths as part of the Woolworths Discovery Tour.

Our curriculum encompasses the importance of literacy and numeracy skills from a young age. Phonological awareness is a key aspect in our program as it sets the pace for emergent literacy and success in future reading and spelling. We do this by integrated research based techniques such as the Letterland program.

Our centre ensures your child is ready for school by working closely with a certified occupational therapist. Our OT institutes a 10week school readiness program to ensure your child has the fundamentals skills needed for a successful transition to primary school.
Our graduation class take part in a graduation ceremony at the end of the year to celebrate their achievements. 

STEM education is an essential part of the L'enfant curriculum. All our educators are trained through Early Learning Hub Australia. Through the use of state of the art technology, children are able to further their understanding of the world, through both self exploration and guided learning.

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